SFGH History

Music is the purest expression of the heart reaching out to us lifting the human spirit to a higher place of believing ever stronger in the wonder of ourselves and this amazing world we all call home.

IMG_0977The dream of creating “Summer Finally Got Here” began in 2011 with this hope; to bring together a group of people on a warm summer day, experience some great music and enjoy being together. What better way to do that than with classic cars and music from the good old days in an idyllic outdoor setting like only the Cascade foothills of Oregon can provide?

The Aspen Meadow Band are made up of members who personally experienced the ‘50s and ‘60s and some who wish they did. Ranging in age from twentysomething to sixtysomething, each band member loves the music and feelings of this era and wants to recreate that for you as part of our desire of creating a place of hope, fun and community.

Part of the dream was that the event would be free of charge; People could just come and listen to the music, enter their car, regale us with their car stories (because every vehicle has an amazing tale that must be told!), and visit with friends new and old while enjoying great food without any cost to them.

IMG_5520At our first Summer Finally Got Here Concert and Classic Car Show in 2012, we had a great time with 25 classic cars and 100 people. Thanks to you we have grown each year, with more than 150 cars and 1,000 people in attendance at last year’s event! What a blessing the past five years have been as we have been given the opportunity to interact with so many amazing people.

We are excited to celebrate our fifth Summer Finally Got Here event with you this summer! We can’t wait to see what’s to come.